Tuition fees in Germany

Compared to countries like Great Britain or the U.S. studying in Germany is much cheaper. At the same time that doesn't mean it's completely free of cost. At the moment only two out of 16 Federal states still charge tuition fees.

Since the winter semester 2006/07 German universities are allowed to charge tuition fees for undergraduate study programmes. With the help of this map of Germany you can see, in which federal states you are asked to pay up to 500 Euros every semester:

Overview of all federal states:

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StepMap Tuition Fees in Germany

Long term tuition fees:
Some universities request approx. 500 Euros each semester from those students, who need three to four semesters longer then their fellow students to complete their programme.

Graduate studies:
In most cases you need to pay for Master's programmes. The fees vary between 650 Euros and several thousand Euros per Semester. Regardless of these tuition fees, each students has to pay a certain amount of money as a semester contribution to the university.

Attention! Please do not mix up tuition fees with semester contributions. The semester contributions have nothing to do with the tuition fees and vise versa. The specific amount of money depends on each university. This money covers parts of the administration costs of your university as well as social contributions to the ASta and the Studentenwerk. In addition, many universities finance your semester ticket with this money. It allows you to use public transport facilities throughout the semester.

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