Learning German

Online Deutsch lernen, Bild: g.a.s.t./TestDaF-InstitutWith only a few words of German you can make yourself already understood. There are many ways to learn German:

Learning German your way
Practicing German
Language tandem: Learning German together
Creative and cheap ways to learn German

Summer courses

Sommerkurs in Deutschland, Bild: Frommann/DAADDuring the summer break from June till September German universities offer language courses. Besides your daily language classes you have enough time to explore Germany. The DAAD-Database will help you to find your summer course.

German Language Games

Deutschland Memo, Grafik: DAADLearning German is fun - especially if you're playing our three small language games:

Deutschland Memo
Deutsch hören
Sprichwörter raten

Testing your German

Deutschtest, Bild: Lichtenscheidt/DAADYou are only accepted at university if you have passed either the TestDaF or the DSH. We give you advice on how you can test your German skills on the internet and explain the most important German tests for the university.

Step by step

The DAAD provides information to help you on your way to studying in Germany!

Ten steps to studying in Germany

Ten steps in Germany