Many ways lead to a degree programm

There are different ways to apply for admission to a German university. For you, the form of application depends on which subject you wish to study.

Studierende der Uni Bonn, Bild: Lichtenscheidt/DAADNC or no NC?

We distinguish between two categories of subjects in Germany:  

  1. 1. Subjects with a centrally restricted admission policy (nationwide numerus clausus). These subjects are so popular that there are far more applicants than available places at the university. At present, these subjects include Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.
    2. Subjects with no or a locally restricted admission policy(numerus clausus implemented by the university).

The following information is only a general guideline. To be on the safe side, enquire about the application procedures pertaining to your degree programme at the International Office at your German university.

How do I apply for a subject with a centrally restricted admission policy?

A nationwide numerus clausus (NC) applies to those subjects for which there are more applicants in Germany than the university system can absorb. If you wish to study one of these subjects, there are special conditions that pertain to your application.

Where you submit your application depends on the country you come from and whether you have a German higher education entrance qualification.

Two groups of applicants must submit their applications to the Foundation for Higher Education Admission (formerly ZVS):
1. Applicants from EU member states, as well as Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway
2. Applicants who have received their secondary school-leaving certificate in Germany or at a German School abroad
More information? On the website of the Foundation for Higher Education Admission

All other applicants should submit their applications directly to the university of their choice, or apply through uni-assist.

How do I apply for other subjects?

FAQs about application

Interview Icon, Grafik: Sawall/DAADExpert Claudia Schlemmermeyer from uni-assist answered in our chat on May 19th a lot of questions about applying to university.

All international students who wish to study subjects with no centrally restricted admission policy should apply either directly to the International Office or the Student Administration Office at the university where they wish to study or through uni-assist, if your university is one of over 100 that cooperate with this service.
Linktip: List of all uni-assist-universities

But as mentioned above, please enquire about the application procedures at the International Office at the university of your choice.

When do I apply?

Two dates you should mark red in your calendar: January 15th and July 15th. If you wish to begin your studies in the winter semester (October) the submission period is from the beginning of June to 15th July. If you rather prefer to start your studies in the Summer semester (April) the submission period is from the beginning of December to 15th January.

How much does it cost to apply?

  • Fees for notarising copies and translations
  • Examination fee for the TestDaF or DSH (the cost of which depends on where you take the test)
  • Processing fee for the application (The cost of the processing fee depends on where you apply.)
  • Through uni-assist: Maximum of 68 euro for the first application. Each additional application costs 15 Euro.
  • No fee is charged at the moment for taking the TestAS examination.

Please remember that your application will only be processed after you have paid the fee!