Admission requirements

Ankunft Cologne BonnIf you're planning on studying in Germany, there are some important things you have to take care of before and immediately after you arrive, such as applying for the right visa and enrolling in your degree programme.
Before you leave
After you arrive

Important facts

Graduates, Photo: Lichtenscheid/DAADInformation on the German university system and possible degrees you can achieve:

University system
Study ABC
Structure of degree programmes
Degrees & recognition
Series: Unusual Study Programmes
University's Welcome Packages

Choosing a university and course

Suche nach dem Studiengang, Bild: DAADThe database helps you find suitable degree programmes at German universities.

Scholarships & Financing

Foerderung GanzVarious organisations and foundations offer scholarships to international students.

DAAD-Scholarship Database
Tuition fees in Germany

German language

Sommerkurse in Deutschland, Bild: Frommann/DAAD

The native language in Germany is German. We offer you some ideas of how you can improve your language skills in German:
Learning German
Summer courses
Testing your German

Degree subjects

Medizinstudierende, Foto: Hagenguth/ DAADWe introduce different degree subjects to you so you can get an overview about the variety at german universities. More information!

Preparatory & Introductory Courses

Studienkolleg, Bild: Hagenguth/DAADGerman universities offer various preparatory and introductory courses to help you preapare for academic life in Germany. Read about the possibilities!

PhD Germany

Forschung, Foto: DAAD/Volker LannertThere’s more than one way to get your doctoral title in Germany. Depending on the subject, research proposal and type of university, there are several possible paths to a PhD. Read more!

Step by step

The DAAD provides information to help you on your way to studying in Germany!

Ten steps to studying in Germany

Ten steps in Germany