Education Fairs

Events from March 2017 until June 2017

Date Fair Country / Place
March 2017
24/03 - 30/03

EuroPosgrados Kolumbien - Chile (Expo Estudiante)

Colombia / Calí, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, Concepción
24/03 - 25/03

FUTURA - Salón de los Màsters y Posgrados

Spain / Barcelona
24/03 - 25/03

20th International Education Exhibition

Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar
25/03 - 26/03

Star Education Fair

Malaysia / Penang
25/03 - 26/03

The Graduate Fair - 4ème Salon de l'étudiant Algerien

Algeria / Algier

RoadShow Brasilien (Special-Messe)

Brazil / Natal, João Pessoa, Goiânia, Rio, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre
27/03 - 07/04

Roadshow Brasilien (Specialmesse)

Brazil / Natal, João Pessoa, Goiânia, Rio, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre
30/03 - 01/04

16th International Exhibition "Education & Career"

Uzbekistan / Taschkent
April 2017
01/04 - 02/04


Peru / Lima
04/04 - 05/04


Ecuador / Quito


Nicaragua / Managua
06/04 - 08/04

Bildung und Karriere 2017 (Special-Messe)

Kazakhstan / Almaty
06/04 - 08/04

Education and Career

Kazakhstan / Almaty
08/04 - 09/04

A2 - Education Fairs

Azerbaijan / Baku
08/04 - 12/04

FAUBAI Conference

Brazil / Porto Alegre
13/04 - 15/04

GETEX (Special-Messe)

United Arab Emirates / Dubai

Study Abroad Fair at UFS

South Africa / Bloemfontein
20/04 - 23/04

Forum international de l'Etudiant

Morocco / Casablanca
26/04 - 28/04

Webinarreihe Spanien - Italien - Griechenland

Spain / online

Karrieremesse an der Universität Debrecen

Hungary / Debrecen
May 2017

ExpoEduca, Quarta feria de Becas y Estudios de Postgrado

Guatemala / Guatemala-Stadt

"Research in Germany" at the Science Online Career Fair

Registration Deadline: May 2, 2017 ►►► Click here to register! Learn more about your research options in Germany! Meet online with representatives of German universities and research and funding organisations. Take the opportunity to learn about PhD and postdoctoral job openings in one of Europe’s most advanced research nations! Key information about the event •When? 4 May 2017: online fair, 10 am – 2 pm (EST) •Where? Online, North & South America and EU countries •What? Information on PhD and post-doc positions and programmes, funding, admission procedures •Which subject? All subjects •Who? Programme coordinators and supervisors from various German universities and research institutions (see link list below) •For whom? Graduates, PhD students, post-docs •How? Register to participate via the link provided below “Research in Germany” brings together German universities and research institutions interested in recruiting international PhD students and researchers. We know from experience that organising a research stay abroad can be complicated. That is why we provide an extensive range of information to graduates and researchers who are thinking about spending some time researching in a foreign country. At the virtual fair you can visit multiple booths, each representing a German university or research institution. In addition to testimonials and branding videos, each booth offers a wide array of information on doctoral positions and research openings, programmes and study opportunities. Aside from that, you can also talk to recruiters and scientists from all of the exhibiting higher education institutions via one-on-one online chats. The German exhibitors will offer detailed information about PhD and post-doctoral positions, research funding, PhD programmes, research groups and junior professorships in all scientific disciplines. The event is open to anyone interested in researching in Germany. It is free of charge and will be conducted in English.
United States of America /

Study in Europe Fair Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan / Tashkent
12/05 - 13/05

Webinarreihe Ghana - Kamerun

Ghana / online

Higher Education and Scholarships Fair

Croatia / Zadar

1st German Higher Education fair UK and Ireland

United Kingdom / online
19/05 - 21/05

European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) Japan (Special Plus-Messe)

Japan / Tokio, Kyoto

Study in Europe Fair Nigeria

Nigeria / Lagos
29/05 - 02/06

NAFSA Conference & Exhibtion

United States of America / Los Angeles, Kalifornien