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Financing and Scholarships

There are many ways to finance your studies in Germany. Students from Europe can take advantage of the Erasmus programme. To find out which programme is right for you, we recommend checking out the DAAD’s scholarship database.


Group of international students, Link to the Article Prep Courses and Foundation Courses

Prep Courses and Foundation Courses

If your school-leaving certificate is not recognised in Germany, you can still study at a German university by participating in a “Studienkolleg” (foundation course).


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Higher Education System

Learn more about the German higher education system, the different types of universities and the degrees they offer.


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Fields of Study

Here you find information about various fields of study like the requirements andcareer opportunities.


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Some 25,000 academics receive doctoral degrees in Germany every year and more and more young international researchers are choosing to write their dissertations or join a doctoral research team in Germany.