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On we want to convey an authentic image about life and study in Germany. The editors are putting a lot of effort into their articles to make you imagine what Germany is really like. And who could do any better than our editors who are currently studying at German universities!

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Editorial meeting of © Horschig/DAAD
Editorial meeting of . © Horschig/DAAD
Sarah Bennemann-Christa © privat
Sarah Bennemann-Christa . © privat

Sarah Bennemann-Christa

I am in charge of online communication for the "Study in Germany - Land of ideas" campaign at the DAAD. Since completing my studies, I have mentored foreign students during their summer schools and semesters abroad in Germany. My own visits abroad as a student and intern were valuable and important experiences, and I am pleased to support students on their “study abroad” adventure with this campaign.

Marlene Bauz © privat
Marlene Bauz . © privat

Marlene Bauz

Even when I was still in school I already knew that intercultural exchange was something I enjoyed very much. So I took part in lots of exchange programmes even then. Now I’m a student on the international Master’s programme North American Studies at the University of Bonn, and additionally support foreign students who come to Germany for work placements. I look forward to assisting the readers of with their studies in Germany.

Sandra Friedrichs © privat
Sandra Friedrichs . © privat

Sandra Friedrichs

I study Communication Management in Stuttgart. After spending a year in Dublin and Miami, I knew that studying abroad is the right thing for everyone. I'd like to make it possible for all students to participate in a study abroad programme in Germany and become familiar with its culture. Study-in is a great platform for making this wish come true. I also work part-time at a marketing agency and as an editor in the video game and cultural field.

Rahel Klein © privat
Rahel Klein . © privat

Rahel Klein

After getting my bachelor's in Social Science and Media Studies, I enrolled in a master's programme in Political Science in the beautiful city of Bonn. In addition to my studies, I'm training to become a journalist. I work as a part-time freelance editor and have been writing for for the past year. I look forward to passing on hopefully valuable tips and information and providing you with as much orientation as possible during your studies in Germany!

Sophie Nagel © privat
Sophie Nagel . © privat

Sophie Nagel

Starting out from Giessen, I went on to Kiel, Milan, Vienna, China, Berlin and New Zealand before returning to Hesse. At the International Office at the Justus Liebig University, I help foreign students get off to a good start in Germany. I also work as a journalist for the Giessener Allgemeiner Zeitung, which has given me the chance to learn more about the cultural life and political debates in my hometown. I can put this experience to excellent use in the reports I write for you on

Janine Funke © privat
Janine Funke . © privat

Janine Funke

I've become very well acquainted with Germany during my studies. I was born in Dresden, completed my undergraduate studies in Augsburg and Berlin and did my master's in Cambridge. I've also spent a lot of time abroad. I've found that the information I received from "the locals" helped me find an apartment in Germany and abroad easier, discover the best bars and quickly meet new people. As an editor for, this is exactly the kind of information I want to pass on to you!

Bastian Rothe © privat
Bastian Rothe . © privat

Bastian Rothe

In Dortmund I am studying journalism and philosophy. I spent my exchange semester in Jyväskylä, Finland. In every spare second I am working for tv stations and love to write on blogs. The reason for many of my travels is my great interest in music. Of course I am fascinated by foreign cities, countries and people – but for me the German Ruhrgebiet is the place to be currently. Germany is full of opposites: amazing beaches in the North and  high mountains in the South, small villages and big cities, old traditions and brilliant innovations, “Volksmusik” and dubstep, structures and chaos. Germans  are grumbling and nagging on everything – but they never forget to enjoy life, too. We make laws and rules for everything, but at the same time we feel free to do everything. There is a contradiction in everything – and that’s what I love.

Bettina Ruhland © privat
Bettina Ruhland . © privat

Bettina Ruhland

I was born and grew up in eastern Bavaria in southern Germany. I completed my bachelor's programme not far there - in Regensburg. Then I headed north to Hannover where I now study Communication Management. As a passionate movie-goer, I devote much of my free time to films. I travel to Italy at least once a year, where you'll find me relaxing on the beach, exploring new cities and trying to improve my Italian. Germany is a country with many different facets and there is plenty to discover. Enjoy yourself!

Corinna Schlun © privat
Corinna Schlun . © privat

Corinna Schlun

After 19 years in the North Rhine-Westphalian health resort town of Bad Driburg, I headed for the Baltic Sea coast, or more precisely, Greifswald. That's where I'm now studying Political Science and History in my fourth semester. In addition to my academic ambitions, I also write for the Greifswald student magazine "moritz". I love putting my experiences to paper in a way that puts a smile on people's faces. What I find fascinating about Germany is how each region has its own very special cultural character, and that's exactly what I'd like to show you.

Florian Schubert © privat
Florian Schubert . © privat

Florian Schubert

I come from the southwestern-most town in Germany on the border to Switzerland. One of my biggest passions is music, which led me to study Japanese Studies in Hamburg. While studying abroad in Japan, Asia became my second home. Another big passion of mine is traveling and discovering foreign countries, their cultures and languages. I enjoy learning languages at university, especially in a Tandem Programme where you not only become acquainted with the foreign student's culture, but also your own. For me, the most typical German things are Milka chocolate and sparkling mineral water.

Sarah Schultes © privat
Sarah Schultes . © privat

Sarah Schultes

Though I come from Bavaria originally, numerous internships have taken me to Cologne. I am doing a traineeship at a television production company here. That also explains my great love for films. In my videos for, I'd like to show you all the different sides of Germany. For as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Lisa Tüch © privat
Lisa Tüch . © privat

Lisa Tüch

I spent a year abroad in the United States during high school. Journalism was one of one of my favourite subjects there and that's when I decided to become a journalist. In fact, four years later, I'm studying Journalism and American Studies/English in Dortmund - because I still love learning about foreign countries, foreign cultures and foreign languages. I hope that with our texts, you'll be just as happy in Germany!

Sinah Vonderweiden © privat
Sinah Vonderweiden . © privat

Sinah Vonderweiden

Culture and media have fascinated me ever since my school years, and that's why I decided to study Cultural Journalism in Hamburg. In addition to working in journalism and marketing, I occasionally do PR work. At the moment I am about to finish my master’s degree in Philosophy. My credo is: Innovative media gets to the heart of the matter. That means I always look for new ways and means of working with media. I constantly get the urge to go out and see the world, which is probably why I enjoy travelling so much.

Johanna Wendel © privat
Johanna Wendel . © privat

Johanna Wendel

I grew up in the quaint little town of Hofheim am Taunus near Frankfurt am Main. My studies have taken me to Bonn where I started my degree programme in Technical Journalism in the winter semester 2012 at the University of Applied Science in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. After I graduate, I want to go back out into big wide world, even though I know I'll miss Germany very much. I look forward to gaining my first journalistic experience with study-in and getting to know Germany from a different perspective.

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