Things that happen on a bus ride in the first week

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The "Schüler-Monat" Bus Ticket

The “Schüler-Monat” Bus Ticket

This week I am going to write about how I get around the city, and in particular, how that went in my first week.

On my first bus ride, I bought a ticket called the ‘Schüler-Monat’ for 36 Euros. Schüler means student, and Monat means month, so you could probably already guess by now, that this was a monthly ticket for students to use when they rode the bus. Within Offenburg, this ticket could be used to ride on any bus, and you’d need to show it to the driver upon getting on one.

Here are some interesting things I found about the buses in Offenburg.

Bus stop


Firstly, buses here only come twice in an hour and each bus stop has it’s own schedule. At the Hochschule Offenburg stop, for instance, the bus comes at 9:25am and 9:45am in the 9 o’clock- hour; 10:25am and 10:45am in the 10 o’clock-hour; 1:25pm and 1:45pm in the 1 o’clock-hour; so on and so forth. Whereas in my home country, buses could be coming every 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes.


The "STOP" Button

       The “STOP” Button

Secondly, buses here will not stop at a bus stop unless you press on the red “STOP” button which can be seen near the seats. So, if you want to get off at the Hochschule Offenburg stop, you must press the “STOP” button first. In my first week, there was a time when I was riding the bus to university, and I can swear that I had pressed the “STOP” button, but the driver drove on anyways… I understand he probably did that by mistake, but just know that these mistakes could happen every once in a while, and don’t be too shocked or upset about them.


#Bus #Offenburg

#Bus #Offenburg

Thirdly, bus drivers won’t be able to communicate in English, so if you need to say anything, say it in German. Maybe, prepare one or two sentences which you think might come in handy, just in case you’re not fluent in the language.

In my first week riding the bus, I have gotten off at the wrong stop, in doing so learnt how to walk back to the stop I should have gotten off at; I have had to wait for the bus for about an hour, because I didn’t familiarize myself with the schedule; I have gotten off a stop not very close to the stop I intended to get off at because the driver didn’t stop the bus, and because of this I learnt how to walk from that stop to the university.

I always learn something new every time I make a mistake. In a way, my mistakes help me familiarize myself with the city better and reminds me of the Adam Osborne quote “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.” Had I done everything right, I really wouldn’t have found out about so many routes and how to walk from one stop to the other.

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