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Hello everyone!

My name is Emmalee and this is my first post on the DAAD website. I thought I would do a little introduction post to tell you about some of my experiences so far while studying abroad in Germany.

I arrived in Freiburg on the 4th of September, 2017. I have been participating in the Canadian Year in Freiburg (CYF) program here. During the month of September, I took an intensive language course which pretty much just reminded me how bad my German was, and how much I had to learn! I had class 5 days a week, only during the morning, and so had the afternoons off to explore, sleep, and watch a whole lot of series and movies.

At the end of September I was finally able to choose my courses for the semester, and I settled on taking the 3 mandatory CYF classes (Film, Cultural Studies, and B1 German), as well as 2 courses for exchange students who wish to learn German (Freiburg und die Region and Kreatives Schreiben) and one regular course at the uni, in English (Civil Society in the Global South).

Since then I’d say that my German has been steadily improving. I now have more confidence to talk to people, and I have been responded to in English in quite a while, which is an accomplishment in my eyes!

I have also taken a few trips since being here because I absolutely love to travel! At the beginning of October, I went to Amsterdam and Berlin. I had been to Berlin before so that trip was a little repetitive for me as I was very familiar with the history and the museums. Amsterdam was a very neat city, and I definitely had a good time there! I have also been to quite a few places in Switzerland, France, and more recently I travelled to Lisbon. Lisbon has been definitely one of my favourite places I have been so far and I highly recommend it!

During the semester break, I also plan to do quite a bit of travelling, and  I will definitely be going places once the weather gets warmer!

Here are some photos from my experiences so far:

Seepark, a cute park/lake area in Freiburg

Strasbourg, France (I actually participated in an exchange program in highschool in this city!)

Mystical Schloss Neuschwanstein

Well, that’s all for now. I will begin to come up with much more specific posts, but I thought an introduction would be necessary!


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