Last days and coming home

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Hello everyone!

Last days in Germany were very busy for me. Months before I left I decided that I would like to volunteer for Tech Open Air 2016 which is a multi-disciplinary 3-day tech event in Berlin. It was a wonderful experience with lots of interesting conferences held by all the startups that were there. I’ve learned things and I’ve met lots of people in that wonderful environment.

TOA Day 1


On my last day, between checking out and moving the luggage from my appartment to my friends apartment i got a few hours to visit the Jewish Museum Berlin. It was the best decision I’ve made because this museum is incredible. Not only the architecture, but the exhibitions themselves because they are interactive and you don’t get bored even if you stay there for 4 hours as we did.

The garden of exile


The monument in the middle of the museum which is called “the garden of exile” is an impressive structure meant to make you feel unstable as the Jewish people felt when they had to flee Germany. I was shocked to see that walking through it I really felt dizzy and i had to get out because it was so weird. I think it’s incredible to design a monument that can make people feel like that without moving anything.

Fallen Leaves


Then we walked through “The Fallen Leaves” which is a haunting experience when you hear the echos and sounds made my the iron faces when you step on them.

One part of the museum seen from the inner court


The museum was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in Berlin and I can’t believe I almost missed the opportunity to see it.

Airplane sunset


After getting back from the museum I picked my suitcase quickly and ran to the airport because there was not so much time left until my airplane took off. While flying I thought about everything that happened this month and that I am grateful for each experience. I will also miss everyone at my summer school because in a month you really start to know those people and then you might not see them in your life. The worst part of traveling and having new experiences is that you get to notice and feel the time running. Routine doesn’t let you know anything about time. You feel it really bad when you know you won’t be able to experience the same thing again or you may never see some people again in your life. And you live each moment to the fullest.


Thank you for reading!


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