How to cut your hair while you are away from your country?

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Hi lovely people. This time’s topic is about hair cut. How do you cut your hair while you live and study in abroad? Some of my school mates cut their hair by theirselves or ask someone to cut.  But I come to a local hair salon every 3 month.


This is inside of my favorite hair salon which has retrospective atmosphere. Every staff who works at the place can speak English so that even you are not familiar with German, no problem at all. Just in case I draw a sketch to explain what I need more clearly like below.


There is one thing which is different of  a hair salon in my home county. In Japan, basically hair dresser dry our hair but in Germany they ask us to dry by ourselves. I could use a dryer and styling creams and make my hair arranged freely in the salon. What about your country??

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    Hi Ayumi,

    I am a father of 3 kids and I personally cut their hair. My reason behind it, COST! if I’ll have my 2 boys go the barber shop for a hair cut, that would already cost me $40 and with this new baby on board, we need to cut down expenses. Besides that, I love to test out my skills in hair cutting.

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