Garbage and recycling in Germany

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Collection and treatment of garbage in Germany is considered one of the most efficient in Europe. At the beginning of each year, the government delivers a personalized booklet to every household where there is the timing of collection of all types of garbage.

The garbage in Germany is separated into four distinct types, each citizen is bound to make this separation, which usually follows the following pattern:

– Restmüll: is the regular waste, not organic and not recyclable, for instance, the bathroom waste. Note: The toilet paper is dropped into the toilet bowl.

– Biomüll: is the organic waste, it includes not only leftover food, but also plants, papers used to clean some rest of food, etc.

– Gelbe Sack: is a yellow bag, freely provided, in which every recyclable waste is disposed, except paper and glass.

– Altpapier: papers are collected separately from other recyclable waste.

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The collection of each type of waste has a specific date, set in the annual collection planning. Batteries, lamps and clothes also have their own points of collection.

The glasses must be disposed in special containers spread throughout the city or can be brought to supermarkets, since some bottles also give financial return.

Plastic bottles are not disposed with regular waste, as these are worth money. Whenever you buy water, juice or any other product whose bottle has the recycling symbol, you need to pay a deposit of around 0.25 cents per bottle. After consuming content, take the bottles to the supermarket for disposal in PET bottle machine, then a voucher is printed and can be used for shopping in the same store or even be exchanged for cash.

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    Germany definitely has the best policy for waste disposal. I’ve been in several countries and have seen terrible consequences of inapropriate rubbish collection. The idea for the supermarket vouchers is amazing. For those who need some cents there is an amazing opportunity to collect a few bottles from the park which other people left and get a voucher for them. Is that allowed in Germany ?
    Best Wishes, Robert.

    Comment by Bexley waste remover created 26/11/2015 - 14:48

      Dear Robert,

      Yes, it is. The bottles and cans which are allowed to be returned to supermarkets have a sign called “Pfand”. You return them and get a voucher with the respective amount of credit that can be used in your purchase.
      Regards, Guilherme

      Comment by Guilherme Amorim Franchi created 20/12/2015 - 21:51

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