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Last week, from 20th to 23rd September, we had academic week at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT), TH Koeln. On Monday, 20th September, there was a ITT market where the projects that were running at ITT were demonstrated for the students. On the same day was our welcome program in a big hall called Audimax in our university. The director of our university welcomed us.

I came to know that this year we have about 92 students intake including the exchange programs. It was interesting to know that we have students from all the continents in the world (of course excluding Antartica).  This kind of diversity is hard to find in any other programs in any other institutions or universities. I believe that this is one of the beautiful things about ITT.

Last week, I came across new friends from Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America and Latin America. It is wonderful experience to get acquainted with the new culture and background. Although we have a lot of difference in between us, we realize that there is also a lot of similarities among us and at the end of the day, we are all focused towards a common goal in this institution. The common goal is the management and development of natural resources.

On Monday, there was also a graduation ceremony for the students who graduated this year. It was nice to attend the program and to cheer for the success of our seniors. On Tuesday, the new PhD candidates in our institution exhibited the proposal of their doctorate work. This was interesting as some of them had a really good idea and a clear vision to meet their objectives.

On Thursday, we had a symposium on Research for Development: towards tangible impacts. I specially liked the work of two of our professors. It was delighting to know that the Intecral project, which is run in collaboration with our university and headed by Professor Sabine Schluter had a profound effect in the rural sustainable development, modern agriculture practices and land use management in one of the regions in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Professor Hamhaber’s idea of research for urban sustainable development in Cairo was captivating as well wherein I especially liked the idea of Space Matrix Analysis for optimizing the transportation in the city.

Friday was a special day for me as we had an intercultural workshop for students in my program. We got introduced to each other. We had also a speed dating program where we talked with each other for about 3 minutes about our motivation and crazy things. We also discussed about each other’s hobbies and background. The funny event was when we demonstrated how we greet each other to our family members, friends and professors in different countries. I found greeting styles in some countries to be quite strange. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we discovered a common code to greet each other with our classmates which was quite cool.

The upcoming week, we will be divided into groups and given some topics for our project. Right now, I am looking forward to studying and working together with my new classmates in our program.

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