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So, in one of my previous blogposts, I talked about the amazing D.I.Y. German philosophy.  So an integral part of the D.I.Y. experience is the trip one has to make to buy all the materials.  Of course you can purchase most things in the city but nothing beats a trip to the hardware store outside the city (aka OBI markt).

I have made a few trips to this amazing wonderland of construction accompanied (read chaperoned) by friends to buy items for the various exhibtions and projects I undertake but its always a daunting experience.  It’s like going  to the Dubai Mall only its not shopping for clothes and luxury items – its for wood and doors and any other contruction material you can image. I fear I will get lost and never find my way out, or worse start living there like a hobo.

But, two years strong and I FINALLY made my solo journey to the OBI markt, I have no words to explain how GERMAN I felt doing this. I even dressed for the part – wore my outdoor jacket, loose jeans and sneakers (not my typical attire) and I packed a sandwich and water just in case the trip is longer than expected.  The bus went every two hours so I planned to the minute and checked all the bus timings (very German of me) and made sure I dont get stuck outside town in this bitter cold.

All set and off I went, filled with bob-the-builder spirit.  Upon entering the OBI I honestly felt like I was on some important undercover mission, I mapped the walk through the aisles, checked every surface of wood and glass.  Read the measurements (in centimetres might I add!!!) and did all the calculations.  I knew what I wanted to build and  communicated my idea to the OBI-helper because I couldn’t find a few things and they were very curious to know WHAT the hell I wanted to build.  Try googling the German word for the mechanism your drawers slide on – I dare you!

Anyhow, a few hours of casual strolling, checking every inch of the frame section I headed off to the Christmas decoration area in the large hall which was a treat.  I absolutely dote over the decorations and get so carried away by wanting everything that I end up getting nothing!! Troubles in my life I tell you.. but I did buy one decoration to hang on my apartment door and some trinkets for my room.  One can never have enough cute items for your dresser.

Back to the point – so OBI, awesome experince, something that truly helps you understand how to build things yourself because literally everything is available, anything you can think of.  I started building small things myself for my own projects and I feel much more confident that one can manage regardless of your size or upper body strength.  If a person like me crossed over to the OBI-side you definitely can my  friend.  Give it a shot..go OBI shopping this Christmas and after you’re done you can sit in the adjoining coffee shop and treat yourself to an Ochsenauge and some truly deserve it!

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    I want to know how you ended up in Germany and what is it like to adapt there. Love your blog by the way!

    Comment by Abdullah Iqbal created 09/02/2016 - 17:42

      Hi abdullah.. i came here for my masters at the Bauhaus Uni..i got to know about it from my studies and was encouraged by my aunt who also studied here.. I absolutely love it here and encourage others to come aswell. Its something one can’t experience in other countries. Germany gives a lot of benefits to students..even international students..

      Comment by Rubab Paracha created 08/09/2016 - 17:47

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