Aachen’s Natural and Cultural Heritage

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It’s been only two weeks since I arrived in Germany and I already feel connected to this country. I was fortunate to get my accommodation in Haarner Gracht, which is in the lap of nature with much to explore. Every time I go for a walk I find something new. My explorations have revealed tributaries, lakes, parks and walkways, small animals such as ducks and rabbits.

Amidst pleasant street encounters with passers-by, it’s only natural that people live at ease here.

I discovered one of the most important thing to be able to know a place and it’s culture better and get in harmony with it is not to be hesistant. I always ask the people around if I am not sure of something or I want to know something. This has helped me a lot. For example, I was served croissant on my flight and I wasn’t sure how I should eat that and hence I asked the man sitting next to me about that, which actually initiated a cultural exchange at first and then a nice conversation and I believe conversations with new people are always interesting.

Being free of self made boundaries has helped me in exploring Aachen better.

Aachen has a rich cultural heritage as it was here that 31 Holy Roman Emperors were crowned Kings of the Germans, hence Aachen houses many historical, cultural and architectural sites.

A sculpture before the Aachen Rathaus

Appreciating this Aachen University of Applied Science ensures that the summer school students get to greet this cultural side, hence on the second day of our course we were taken for a mini tour in which we were given task to find out the stories and significance of each of the 10 places we visited, as the place where my class takes place is just behind the famous architectural building Elisabrunnen which until last year had fountains and other famous tourist attractions are also nearby.

For instance Aachen Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in north of the Alps, and just opposite to it is the Aachen Rathaus, which owing to its grandeur has been used as motive by many renowned artists. Aachen Theater too joins this list of magnificent architectural works.

Other than these majestic structures I have seen many beautiful sculptures at all the places I have been to in Aachen. I haven’t  been able to research or ask about all the sculptures but the sculptures in the city centre surely have their own stories to narrate. For instance I saw a sculpture in which there was boy holding fishes, depicting that there used to be fish market once.


Sculpture- Hünerdieb (hen thief) near a beautiful cafe

My journey in Aachen from nature to its cultural heritage and it’s welcoming people has been great. What more I will take back as part of my Aachen diaries and beautiful experiences remains to be explored. But in addition to that I will be travelling to Bonn on this Saturday and may be to Düsseldorf too on Sunday. I am looking forward to see what is there in store for me in Bonn as when I was about to land in Germany I could see Germany’ greenery and lush, which was enthralling.

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