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Lovely day. Great company. Gorgeous city. There are not many things that can make me want to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch a train, and even fewer people – but my baby brother is definitely one of those people. Walking out of the Cologne train station to face a huge cathedral […]


Ferris Wheel

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💕Ferris wheels and balloons are an irresistible combination. When I was riding my bike through my usual path home and saw a huge ferris wheel show up out of no where, I made sure to spare my schedule for a ride. The Oberrhein Messe took place in Messe Offenburg and had around 500 exhibitors and […]


An Honest Take on Student Life – Part 2

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Student life organized by the university in Germany may be a toned-down version of the American scene with more alcohol but describing unorganized student life in Germany in comparison to the United States is a little more difficult. This might be because while I am an American, I have actually never attended an American university, […]

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