Mainz – First Impression/Erster Eindruck

15/03/2019 - 10:49 - 0 Comments by | venezuela flag

Mainzer Dom

Mainz 360 Hello @germanizers! I am reaching out to you in this occasion, since I am already living in Mainz and wanted to share my first impressions of the city with all of you. Now… here’s the question… how did I ended up here? I- The Hochschule Mainz (University of Applied Sciences in Mainz) offers […]


Time’s up! – Die Zeit ist um!

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Time’s up! Hello @germanizers! I write to all of you out there who are probably wondering how the accommodation process and the beginning of a new life looks like. Therefore I am here to provide you with an insight of my life. How come? I am about to undertake a journey in the upcoming days […]


6 lessons i learned when flat-hunting

12/10/2018 - 08:33 - 1 Comment by Kahlia Beaudette | canada flag

For the third time since I arrived in Germany a year ago, I’ve just found a new flat. And for the third time, it’s in a great location, with cheap rent, and cool housemates. After the process is over it all seems relatively painless but when you are staying in a hostel and facing imminent […]

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