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Hello readers!

Here is one of the posts about my experiences on BECY Summer School. Unfortunately I don’t know where’s my SD card containing all the pictures I took during my stay in Germany, so this post won’t have so many pictures as I desire 🙁

Day 7: September 11th

The second week of summer school had the following subjects: Food Science, Bioenergy, Biomaterials and National Systems of Bioeconomy. On the 7th day we had the first contact with the brazilian lecturers (Prof. Marisa d’Arce,  Prof. Alcides Leão, Prof. Izabel Takitane, Prof. Helaine Carrer) and a mexican lecturer (Prof. Marco Jaso) who presented to us a new perspective of subjects.

The first lecture was about a whole perspective of Food Science  in the Bioeconomics Context (Prof. Marisa d’Arce), as the Biomaterials lecture “The alternatives for the production of biopolymers and biofuels” (which was one of my favourite). In the second part of the day, we had an introduction about the São Paulo State University and the Technological Park as an example fo enterpreneurship in a Biobased Economy (lecturer Prof. Izabel Takitane) and a second part about Biomaterials.

Day 8 & 9: Bioeconomy Congress

We went to the Bioeconomy Congress at University of Hohenheim, which gave to us more perspectives about bioeconomy in the world. We could choose the sessions we wanted to go, so on the first day I chose “Measuring and modelling sustainability of bio-based materials 1”  and “Value chains for new materials, chemicals and fuels – processes 1”  and on the second day,  “Value chains for new materials, chemicals and fuels – processes 2” “Measuring and modelling sustainability of bio-based materials 2”. It was a great experience.

More information can be read at the following link: 2nd Bioeconomy Congress

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