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Welcome to my summer school adventure!

If you are wondering about the application, choosing the summer school, visa and blah,blah…this post is for you. It is mainly for Indian students who wish to attend a summer school in Germany.

So lets start, open up parallel tabs and research away with me!

First, select the university. There are many universities in Germany which offer summer school opportunities for students. I chose RWTH, Aachen because I heard an outstanding review about it from a senior in my college. You can ask your seniors, friends, family, google devta etc and choose for yourself.

Second, select the course. You might want to check with the dates (since most colleges in India start in July-August and you don’t want to miss the starting in case you have unkind professors or its the placement season) and select accordingly. Here, I would like to mention that the website for the summer school at RWTH has very informative and clear content. They have clearly put down the dates, cost, course structure, teachers etc at the website. I would suggest that you briefly go through it and narrow down to the course you are interested in.

Third, Apply. Applying to the summer school is not as hard as it seems. Its pretty simple and straight forward. Fill in your information, upload an honest and sensible statement of purpose, a decent letter of recommendation and that’s it. Wait for the results.

After that, its easy. The summer school in charge will guide you through the documents that you need to submit and the fees payment procedure. Ah, yes, you will need a good amount of money. Be good to your parents for a year(like I was) and you are sorted(Yeah yeah, most of us Indians don’t earn until we get out of college :/). Just kidding, its actually not that much considering it covers almost everything for your stay in Germany including your course fees, accommodation, food and the trips planned by the school. I will write about the average expenditure after I get back home to give you an idea. Finally, stay patient with the process(unlike the way I was), they will get back to you if there is an issue. Also, feel free to contact them because they reply pretty soon to emails and they always answer the phone. Plus, they are super sweet and helpful. Its true!

Fourth is booking your travel ticket. Yes, you guessed it right. Book them early and as a round trip for discounts. Confirm the dates with your summer school before you book it. MakeMyTrip works really well. They have good customer service as well.

Once, all of that is done and you have received a confirmation about the fees payment from their end, you have to apply for passport and visa in case you don’t have it already. Indian passport procedure is long and tiring, but bear with it(because you have to now since you have already paid the fees :P). You can apply for Normal or Tatkal, considering how much time you have left. Next is Visa, I applied for Schengen Visa under Visiting Scholar/Guest Scientist category. Your summer school in charge will also send you information regarding the Visa. Also, your college administration will take time to grant the No objection certificate so apply ASAP for that. You can find information about both passport and visa easily on the internet. Make sure you have every document you can think of, from your birth certificate to Aadhar card just to be on the safe side(especially for passport because would it be India if they don’t send you back 5 times before they sanction your passport?!)

And that is all, I believe. Yeah, catch your breathe, I know all the running around and traffic has probably been driving you crazy this past 2 months or so. If you are doubting whether you made the right decision or not, keep reading my blog to know if I did 🙂 or not 🙁 ?

Next up on my adventure is my travel bag and packing list. Stay tuned.






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