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Hi lovely people,

my summer semester has started and made a chair in a wood workshop class at my university. My faculty is integrated design so that I can take part in variety of classes and projects like cross-sectional.


My basic back ground is communication design especially so called graphic design and it’s the first time to attend the product design class. I was interested in the difference form 2D and 3D design such as 3D is hans-on design that I can touch the out-put artwork in real life.


The first step was buying wooden boards and then cut them into several parts. At first, it was difficult to control cutting machines but repeating over and over again I could get use to tricks and traps.


Second step was polishing up the edges of  the wooden parts and then combining the all parts and fixed them. In the end, added the flower motif by laser cutting machine, this is the final outcome. If you would enroll at product design university, you could make what ever you want!

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