Why you should study abroad

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Since I’ve been in Germany for five months now, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my experiences so far. The one thing I have absolutely determined is that everyone should study abroad.

In the last five months, I have met the most amazing people, had the most amazing experiences, and completely changed as an individual. I remember the moment I arrived in Germany, thinking I was absolutely crazy for doing this and that I wanted to go back to the comfort of my own home. This drastically changed the moment I set foot in Freiburg. Since that moment I have learned so much. Not only about Germany and German culture, but about the world and also, myself.

I have realized that it’s most important to do things based on what you want, rather than trying to impress or satisfy the needs of others. Heck, I wouldn’t even be here if I would have done what everyone told me to do (stay in Canada). I continue to be amazed on a daily basis, learning new things about other peoples cultures and what life is like where they are from. I am also learning a new language which is so fun!

Studying abroad is truly an indescribable experience; I am having a very difficult time putting my thoughts into words actually. By being here I have really come to terms with who I am as a person, and what I want to do with my life (at least for now!).

I have also learned that kebab pizza is quite possibly the best food of all time.


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