What it is like to study at a design university in Germany?

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Hi lovely people, this post is an introduction about a design class at my university in Köln. I attend KISD (Köln International School of Design) as an exchange student from Japan. This university is literally international; a total share of currently 40% of international students, an international cooperation with more than 45 schools of design so that there are many classes held in English.

On the last semester, I participated in a typography and layout class which gave me a wonderful opportunity making a self-produce magazine. My magazine was about running race especially full marathon because I’m great fun of running and I had taken part in a full marathon race in Köln (see the last blog).

I had interviewed many runners and visualized how their mind were changed during 42km. Below is some parts of the contents.

10km: This is my day, the sunshine’s spotlight is shining on me.

20km: Pizza, pasta, cake and ice cream… just for tonight I can eat whatever I want.

30km: Let me finish the marathon by using taxi.

40km: I wish I could meet an ex-boyfriend and be his girlfriend again.

This class was amazing because a professor respected students interests therefore I could have the openminded view on my topic. We had many meetings which were the good atmosphere and the constructive dialogues. On the last day of the class, we had an final exhibition at the university campus. I was really glad to show our excellent works especially for the finishing with the special paper, printing techniques and the binding.

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