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It’s been awhile since I wrote my last entry and you probably wonder where have I been?  OK, here is the recap of what I have been experienced in the last few months.

  • First attendance science event

A lot of people that I know, don’t like and always avoid Science related things because they think it is nothing but boring stuff that can make them fall asleep faster than the sleep pills.  But what would that be if science is not just boring stuff anymore?  This one is the right answer.

Free bag for all attenders !

Free bag for all attenders

The 8th Science Slam “Battle den Horst” was the first science event I attended. A 10-minutes-talks of different fields of science will be  presented by 5 scientists and at the end of all presentations, the audience will decide who is the winner.  I couldn’t really tell which presentation is my favorite one because all of them were brillant. Here is a German article about The 8th Science Slam.

If you’re not into science that much but curious enough how science could be interesting and enjoyable at the same time, I highly recommend you to go to this event. In case you don’t live in Berlin, Science Slam also takes place in other cities like Hamburg, Cologne etc.

More information for the next Science Slam, you can check it out here

  • First concert

I did mention that many artists are likely to perform in Berlin if they are on Europe tour and so did my favorite artist, Florence + The Machine. And there’s nothing much to talk about, all I can say is, It was an amazing experience and one of the best nights in Berlin.

  • First Lab

The library is likely to be the second place that you can find most students in there but what if you’re looking for a chemistry student? Where can all chemistry students be found? In case they aren’t in the lecture hall, the library or even the canteen? There’s only one place left you can find them, the lab. In the first semester, every chemistry students (at the HU) have to attend the basic laboratory course after they pass the general chemistry exam, everyone will get 5 different basic experiment which I already finish 3 of 5 experiment yet.

my lab coat and safety glasses

my lab coat and safety glasses

The lab can be fun and also stressful at the same time. Since yet I haven’t heard about any (bad) accidents in the lab and I do hope that it would be none. But still, the most likely accident that almost happens everytime is, someone accidentally drops their lab flask.  I think it might take awhile til I’ll be freed from that breaking glass sound that somehow haunts me.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy reading this and see you next entry !

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