Summer Vacation 2018

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Summer vacation started with a BBQ party and in general just being pampered with a lot of good food!

I’ve always wanted to do BBQ ever since the warm weather kicked in. We gathered at a friend’s garden with everything we needed – fruits, vegetables, meat, drinks, snacks, music and good company.💚


My little chef friends also treated me to some really DELICIOUS home-made food. 🥗 🥘


And finally there’s me treating myself to good Greek and Chinese food.


#GreekFood #ChineseFood

If all goes well, and I complete all the requirements for my masters course in time, this will be my first and last summer vacation in Germany (which is kind of sad) and I really want to remember it and make it count. To be honest, before my vacation kicked off with all the good food and company, it started off with unbelievable stress. One of the most upsetting ways to end an academic semester is being unable to complete the courses that you had planned to complete. That’s pretty much what happened here. These courses then get pushed to the next semester which is already a packed semester in itself and blah blah blah… If this summer vacation is going to be any different from my dozens of previous ones — it’s going to be the single most productive and memorable one.









And so begins my 2-month long Summer Vacation☀️☀️☀️ 🎉🎉🎉


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