Studying in Gengenbach Abbey

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There were many reasons why I chose to study my MBA at the University of Offenburg. I was interested in the content of the program, the CV of the academics, the focus in consultancy, the german lessons, between other factors.

A curious fact that cached my eye when I first saw the promotional material of the MBA was that the campus of Business Management from the University of Offenburg is located in a very old Benedictine Abbey in the picturesque town of Gengenbach, in the core of Baden- Würtenberg, just where the Black Forrest begins.

Gengenbach is only 10 km far from Offenburg, so the students have the opportunity to make use of the campus located in both cities.


In the induction day to the Master, I learned that the Abbey was built in the early 8th century by a Christian monk named Saint Pirmin. During the centuries, the Abbey triggered the growth and development of the town, Gengenbach.

Since 1978 the building functions as the Business Administration and Industrial Engineering faculty of the Hochschule Offenburg. The abbey includes a small botanical garden, a courtyard and the bigger and most important catholic Church in Gengenbach.


When I first saw the pictures of the MBA IBC program, I was wondering what would it be to study in such an old building full of history. Now, I can say, it is the same as studying anywhere else, study is study, but with a mystic touch indeed.

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