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Learning languages is fun-particularly, when you learn some words that you like more in the learned language than in your native language! Here’s the list of my favorite German words 🙂 Hours of learning the language are made worthwile by discovering such cuties!

Handy – mobile phone

It’s shorter and funnier than its English version. And very easy to remember, because mobile phones and smartphones are very…handy 🙂

Milchkaffee – coffee with milk

It’s like a bigger cappuccino, or a cafe latte in a cup (not in the glass). Instead of adapting Italian words for coffee, the Germans just call this particular drink a “milk-coffee”… and it’s delicious!

Pfanne – pan

It’s not only a pan for frying, but also a name of a delicious dish-which you make by frying anything you want on a pan 🙂 Kartoffelpfanne, one of my favorite dishses, is a mix of fried potatoes and other vegetables, topped with cheese. Yum!

Inhalt – content

Switching from food to some academic words 🙂 Inhalt means content, in a sense of a narrative/content/main matter of a painting/artwork/etc. I think it sounds more serious and artsy than its English synonym 🙂

Augenarzt, Hautarzt, Hals-Nasen-Ohren Arzt and other doctors’ names – oculist, dermatologist, laryngologist, and other Latin-doctors’-names

Instead of using the Latin tongue-twisters like laryngologist, the Germans simply say what doctor cures and add a “doctor” to it. For example, Hautarzt is a “skin doctor” (dermatologist) and Hals-Nasen-Ohren Arzt (HNO-Arzt) is a laryngologist, who cures throat, nose and ears 🙂

Weltschmerz – world-weariness

It’s not really translatable, as this name of a particular feeling was borrowed from German by the other languages. Weltschmerz is the state of the soul, who is tired with all the world…not only depressed or sad, but somehow tired and disappointed. If you have trouble imagining  a person who suffers from Weltshmerz, read The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe. The poor protagonist suffers from Weltschmerz like all the time, except for a time when he’s planting cabbage or admiring old oaks.

Flussschifffahrt – cruise by a ship on a river

German language just (somewhat randomly…) binds multiple words together to create a desired meaning. Flussschiffahrt is actually shorter than its English synonym (cruise, ship, river, what?)…but those sss’s and fff’s are totally amusing! 🙂


Have fun studying German and good luck with finding your very own favorite words! 🙂

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