Handy Tips on Presenting the Curriculum Vitae

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This week’s blog and the next few to come are especially written for those readers out there who are either thinking of applying to a German graduate school or have already begun the application process. This one’s for you and I hope it’ll be worth your while 🙂

Last week, I wrote about the crucial and determining role the motivation letter plays in the application process. This week, I am going to write a little about another crucial document – the curriculum vitae or résumé.

Much of what I am going to write has to do with the way you present your information.

This is how I did mine:

First of all, I made both my motivation letter and CV stand out from the crowd with a personalized letter head. I also put the headings like ‘Education’, ‘Work Experience’, etc., in colour. This is just a little something to make the selection committee remember your documents and thereby remember your name. (Be sure that the letter head and colours you choose are professional and mature, as overly cute and bright colours do not suit the purpose.)

Secondly, do not think of including a photo as an option, rather think of it as mandatory, for the same reason as above – to make the selection committee remember you.

Handy Tips on Presenting the CV Thirdly, it is a good idea to include website links of the schools you attended; the organizations you worked, interned or volunteered at; societies you were a part of, etc., as this makes it very easy for the selection committee should they want to learn more about the institute and is a thoughtful action on your part.

Last but not least, include your ‘hobbies’ whether it be drawing or ballet. Do not think of this as irrelevant. It gives the selection committee a fuller and more ‘whole’ view of you as a person.

The way you present your CV such as using a personalized letter head or printing it out in colour, is a reflection of how you do things (i.e. sophisticatedly, carefully or otherwise); the effort you put in and how seriously you’re taking it. This all builds up an impression in the selection committee’s minds.

If you found the tips useful, go ahead and use them!

Good luck, dear applicants! Best wishes! ❤

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