European Conference on Politics and Gender-2015

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As a part of the PPGG program (DAAD) at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, I had the privilege to participate in the fourth European Conference on Politics and Gender which was organised from 11th-13th June in the magnificent city of Uppsala. The conference served as a platform to raise pertinent questions concerning gender inequality that permeate cultural, economic and political institutions and are distinctly marked by powerful and pervasive societal norms. The conference represented the upcoming challenges from various regions by gathering a diverse and interesting cohort of scholars from all over the world.

Through this conference, I received an opportunity to present a paper on “Women Role in Naxalite movement in India” as well as a chance to engage in discussions with panel members who threw light upon various gendered aspects of this issue which has over the years snowballed into an internal security threat. The feedback that I received from the distinguished members of the panel was enriching and helped me develop further on my arguments.

Besides the ECPG Conference was instrumental in organising intellectually stimulating activities that helped develop new professional networks, for example, “The Young Scholars Programme” provided a chance to take part in two career building activities geared towards graduate students and post doctoral researchers. Business Luncheons addressed thematic issues on gender and policy that helped brainstorm common interests and plan collaborative projects.

Summing up, this conference provided a space to ongoing research efforts which aim to influence policy debates and address gender inequalities. It included a plurality of theoretical and methodical approaches and reflected the diversity of the gender and politics field by including political science, international relations, sexuality studies, political theory, philosophy, public policy and public administration.

I am deeply thankful to the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and DAAD for supporting me in this endeavour. This opportunity enabled me to apply the learnt methods in the policy making module that I am pursuing at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in the city of Erfurt.

Courtesy: ECPG Conference

Courtesy: ECPG Conference

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