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Hi everyone!

This is my last post to Study in Germany Blog! I’ll tell you about how was my last week on Becy Summer School!

In the third week of course we went to Ihinger Hof, which is one of the University of Hohenheim’s Agricultural Experiment Stations.

September 18th: We made a tour around there to know the place and to see the biomass crops. We saw a lot of sugar beets and sheds where the agricutural machines were.

September 19th: It was the last day we had classes (National Systems of Bioeconomics, Biogas and Food Science). After dinner we spent our time in the classroom studying for the exam.


September 20th: At morning we had time to prepare our group presentation and to study for the exam. This was a great day because we went to Lichtenstein Castle so it broke the tension about the exam. We had lunch at “Altes Forsthaus” and spent the afternoon visiting the castle. Unfortunately is not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, so I just have outside pictures.

September 21st: We made the exam and I must confess I was a little bit nervous because it was the first time I made a full exam in English and I didn’t know what to expect from it. In the afternoon we went to experimental station “Unterer Lidenhof” and visited a biogas plant/ pig farm. In the end of the day we had our barbecue!

September 22nd (Last day): The last day was hard to deal with. We made our group presentations, received our grades and our certificates. It was hard because we spent three weeks together and it was like we knew each other for years. We’ve built a strong ring there and I know everyone is different from now. Saying goodbye was the final thing that made me realize the course ended at that time and it was a little bit sad, but we carry good memories from that amazing three weeks.

I wanna thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who helped me to get there, as everyone I had the pleasure to meet: Andy, Irina, Baraka, Christine, Li, Oksana, Anna, Maksyn, Alan, Erick, Pablo, Andre, Liubov and Felix (the amazing BECY group); Tetyana, Bianca, Olga, Cordula, Lisa and Lily (the awesome BECY Team), all the lecturers and a special thank to my roommate Larissa and my travel partner, Helen. And thank you very much Study in Germany Blog for the opportunitty of writing about my experiences here.

Xoxo Giovanna

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