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As international students, we know how hard integration to a new university and lifestyle can be. Most of us go abroad, start a new program and expect that the university does (almost) everything for us, such as the organization of meetings with seniors, excursions, parties, and discussions about the university and external topics. However, we need to be pro-active and one of the good points of studying in Germany is the freedom to participate in the university’s life, express our opinions and help to improve or change things.

Today I want to give the example of AIMS, Agricultural International Master Students, a student-run group established to meet the needs and concerns of international Master’s students of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Hohenheim. AIMS is based on the fundamental values of equality, integration, and diversity. It seeks to address important campus issues such as student integration, internationalization, and improved relationships among students, faculty, and staff.

The most important topics covered by AIMS are to welcome new Master’s students in order to help them quickly integrate into Uni of Hohenheim’s environment, to maintain and improve current Master’s programs and university services. Since its inception in October 2015, AIMS has provided English translations of important Hohenheim documents, such as the student group web pages, organized social events for international Master’s students, and drafted guidelines for incoming students.

In summary, I would like to tell you that all students, German or international, can do much more than only studying to get good grades. Students are welcome to be part of discussions and projects to enhance the education and social level of their universities. Changes and improvements might be time-consuming, stressful, but it is very gratifying to observe how group and focused working can bring positive outcomes to the university and its members. So, if you do not have an international student group in you Uni, get together with your colleagues and coordinators, organize yourselves and go for making your studies in Germany even better!

For more info about AIMS/Uni Hohenheim, click here:

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