Area Study in Germany?

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Many people questioned me why I come to Germany to study something ‘irrelevant’ about Germany. Something seemed not german nor european at all. This is actually not so problematic as it seems like.

It actually is also about the features of area study too, which absolutely requires you to have certain academic direction(s) while you locate the field in that specific region of your interest, such as South America or East Asia.

I had done my bachelor in history, a subject that really asks you to do trans-disciplinary work no matter during or afterwards. Since in my 5-year-study of undergraduate, I also tried to explored political science, geography, anthropology, media and Chinese classical theatre, I found it is necessary to find a subject in master that allows me to continue my multi-interests, maybe reduced to only two or three.

That’s why I came to area study, besides in my first year of undergraduate I found India Peninsula as a region it always surprises me in positive and exciting ways. Coming to Germany, well how do I put it better, is based on the constant motivation / being encouraged in historiography of my home university that learning historiographical method, Germany is one of the place you really should experience.

That’s the short version of my story, what is yours? 🙂

A corner of the library of South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University

A corner of the library of South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University: here one can find the most complete collections of publications on South Asia in European continent, across disciplines from environment study to indigenous medicine, so on so forth.

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    Hi Shih-Hsuan, I enjoyed reading your article. You can find my answers to your question All the best in Germany!

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