After arriving: 5 Things have to be done (2)

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Besides Anmeldung and Moving in a dormitory, there are still 3 important tasks for exchange students. After finishing them, you can start your study without any worry about „bureaucratic“ matters.

3. Heath insurance

Every exchange student should be insured in Germany. There are two kinds of insurance here, namely „gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“ (statutory health insurance) and „private Krankenversicherung“ (private health insurance). The differences between both are for example benefits and coverage, ways of reimbursement, amount of premium (statutory one is almost 90 Euro/Month; private one is about 40 Euro/Month). There is no best choice, but everyone should decide it according to personal need and condition. Students who are insured in one of statutory health insurance companies will get the „Versicherungsbescheinigung“ (certificate of insurance) directly after taking out insurance. Others, insured by private one, need to apply for the „Befreiungsbescheid“ (confirmation of exemption from taking out statutory health insurance) in one of the statutory health insurance companies. Versicherungsbescheinigung or Befreiungsbescheid will be necessary in the process of „Immatrikulation“ (enrollment) at the university.

4. Immatrikulation in the Studierendensekretariat

Roughly two month before the beginning of semester, exchange student receive an e-mail and are requested to use the ALMA-portal [1] to fill in the personal information for online-enrollment. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete the ALMA online-enrollment. Because the instruction from Universität Tübingen is very clear, it went well as I dealt with it. Afterward, the document of online-enrollment should be printed and brought to the „Studierendensekretariat“ (office of the registrar). In order to „immatrikulieren“ (register) and become a student at the university officially, passport, one passport photograph, „Zulassungsbescheid“ (letter of admission) as well as Versicherungsbescheinigung or Befreiungsbescheid from health insurance are also required at the same time. After finishing this procedure, you will receive the student card, account of email address, the payment notice of „Semester­beitrag“ (semester fees) and „Immatrikulationsbescheinigung“ (certificate of enrollment) in different letters by post in 2-3 weeks. As a result, please also have patient for the waiting. 😂😂


5. Opening an account in a german bank

If you have a german account here, it will be more convenient and cheaper to pay all kinds of bills (e.g., insurance premium, rent of room) as well as go shopping. There are many banks in Tübingen. For example, Sparkasse has many branches here and you can withdraw money everywhere, but most of the student customers are asked to pay 2 Euro as „Kontoführungsgebühr“ every month to maintain an account. Deutsche Bank is an international bank, so it is easier to withdraw money abroad. Commerzbank and Postbank provide sometimes preferential policy for new customer, it is a good deal to open an account then. Also, under certain condition, students are available to apply for a credit card. There are so many difference between types of account and banks in Germany, so before opening an account, you should compare the pros and cons with each other to find the best one for you.


Truly, it is really complicated and bored to deal with all of them. However, when you understand how they work, you can avoid something meaningless and wasting time. Due to the length of the visa, some students have to apply for the „Aufenthaltstitel“ (residence permit) also [2]. Yet, because I am not required to do so, I cannot provide my personal experience or suggestions to it.

Hope you can finish them within a short period. 😊😊




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