On our blog international students share their experiences about studying and living in Germany. Get a first impression with their stories and photos. They draw their very own picture of the country and share it with you. Enjoy reading!

Frankfurt 360

01/04/2019 - 08:43 - 0 Comments by | venezuela flag

Frankfurt 360 Hello @germanizers! This post was mainly to write about my first trip to Frankfurt am Main. However, I would also like to put you guys in context by providing previous events that may had led or not to the trip to Frankfurt. On Friday the 29th of March all students of Media Design […]


The ‘Mensa’

01/04/2019 - 08:41 - 4 Comments by | china flag

I realized in the year and a half I’ve been in Germany, I never wrote about my university. This week I’d like to show you a part of Hochschule Offenburg – and since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love food – why not begin with the ‘Mensa’. Mensa is the German word for canteen. […]


Portfolio 101- Mappe 101

21/03/2019 - 09:09 - 0 Comments by | venezuela flag

Artwork für die Mappe

Portfolio 101 Hello @germanizers! Are you applying for a creative career in Germany as an international student? If you are nodding at the moment this article is for you, a mad guy/chick probably as mad as me. That being said, I guess you have done all the tasks mentioned in the following checklist! CREATIVE CAREER […]

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