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They say that the best ideas come at night (I’m listening Grace VanderWaal while I’m writing this). Sometimes I agree with it, sometimes I don’t. Well, I’m very excited and anxious about my travel because I’ll be all by myself in Stuttgart! I was looking for the best ways of going to my host house and I found out I have to take a train and a subway :O It reminded me when I was living in São Paulo (an amazing experience that showed me big cities can be cool and not so cool) with four incredible girls that taught me so many things. It was the first time I lived alone and I felt a little freedom of my parents – which I think it’s very important to self-growth.

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In two days I’m going to a big town again (Stuttgart) but on the other side of the ocean – it’s AMAZING thinking about it (now I’m like Taylor Swift’s surprised face)! A lot of things pass in my mind and the first one is I’m going to meet new people, new culture and new horizons. I’m really happy for this unique opportunity and I have to thank everyone involved with it, since I was just a little girl dreaming about going to university till now. I say to you if you don’t pursue your dreams, you won’t be near enough of them. No one has more power of making your dreams true than yourself so never give up, even they seem so untouchable. Maybe you’ll face shut doors or broken windows but there are always new ways to get them. Don’t ever give up of you. That’s the advice from the girl who never thought she would go to Germany and write for “Study in Germany” in 2017.

This is my first post for this blog and I hope I can give you a lot of information, experiences and tips of being a foreign student in Germany.



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