Triberg – Walking into a Storybook

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We’ve all read storybooks with beautiful pictures on glossy pages that tell a beautiful story taking place in a beautiful town – walking into Triberg was like walking into one of those gorgeous pages.

I can’t tell if it was the weather or if there is always that beautiful fog covering the town giving it a touch too beautiful to be real.

The streets were lined up in beautiful little stores with teddy bears, cuckoo clocks and handicrafts. There were cafes, ice cream parlors and restaurants. Hotels that were so gorgeous they had vacation and honeymoon written all over it.


Pou…Pouring Rain🌧☔🌩


Walking along the streets, you could see mountains rising up right in front you with that mystical cloud hanging over it – no photos could do a view like that justice.

There’s so much to see in Triberg, but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side the day we visited. It was raining cats and dogs the second we stepped out of the train. So we couldn’t make it to the Triberg Waterfall, one of Germany’s highest waterfalls; neither could we make it to the Eble Uhren Park, which holds the world’s largest cuckoo clock. All of which means, I am going back very soon💚

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