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Hey! I have only 4 months left in Germany until I return to Colombia, and in these 4 months I plan to travel to many places in and outside Germany to bring with me great memories from this experience. And so, I would like to dedicate a little space from this blog to share some experiences during my weekend trips.

Let´s start with my visit two weeks ago to Stuttgart. I have a couple of friends living there, and on that Thursday night I decided that I needed a little escape from the week routine in my internship, and decided to head myself to Stuttgart.

On Friday night I arrived to my friend´s (Santiago) place and we decided to go downtown Stuttgart to enjoy a bit from the nightlife that the city has to offer. We went to an area located in the heart of Stuttgart, in a street that is called Königstrasse, where many bars and clubs are located. We decided to go to a latino club called Havanna. Great place and great music, highly recommended to dance, have a good time, and meet some germans that are interested in learning latin dances, and latin culture off course!

On the next day, we woke up a little late. The sun was already shining, (Two weeks ago the spring was just starting!) and it was the perfect day for doing some tourism and going around to some interesting places in the city.

First, we started our journey in the Schlossplatz in the downtown Stuttgart. We met up there with a couple more friends (Juliana and Johnny). They were already laying down in the grass just enjoying from the sun. We decided to stay there for about two hours and join them in their sunbath. After a long winter, laying down and enjoying from the sun in spring and summer is a common thing that germans love to do. After surviving the low temperatures throughout the winter, moments like this ones in Stuttgart are priceless. Now we understand our fellow germans!

Then, we took a walk around the “Altstadt” from Stuttgart. In this place there are many squares, beautiful buildings and lots of stores to go shopping or just enjoy an ice cream with friends. Stuttgart is a really ´chic´ city, people is usually well dressed and there are all kinds of expensive stores in the Altstadt. For us the young, we do not have to worry, there are normal stores like H&M or Zara in the Altstadt too, lucky for us!

After visiting the Altstadt, we wanted to find a calm place in the city to relax. Looking into our always useful TripAdvisor App, we found the Feuersee Park, located only 5 minutes away from the hectic Alstadt. In here, there is a little lake with a church in the middle and a couple restaurants-bars on the sides to sit and enjoy a beer looking at this oasis in the middle of the city. It was a good and relaxed time, until my friend Juliana got a little present from a flying pidgeon. I do not know how she handled that so well!

To finish the day we went to one of the mountains that surround the city, to enjoy the view that the city had to offer. Great finale for our long day!

On the next, and my last day in Stuttgart, we decided to visit the Hohenzollern Castle, which is approximatelly 1 hour away from Stuttgart with the train. Until this day, I did not know that in some train routes in Germany, the wagons of a train separate on certain stations, some of them continue on the way and the other part just stays in the station. Well, I learned it the hard way, and on that day I was in the wagon that stayed in the station… That was just the beginning of a long and adventurous day to get to this castle. After missing our train, we had to wait for another one, to take us to a different city, close from the castle. After arriving there, we found out that there was no buses running from there to the castle (which is located in a really high mountain, I forgot to mention!). And we had no other option than to remember our boy-scouts skills, and walk through a hill until we got to the castle.

It was not easy, you can ask my friends! But we got there, and we got there right on time for the guided tour, so at the end it all worked out pretty well. You should not feel bad for us, the walk and the effort was totally worth it, and the castle is a great piece from history from the Hohenzollern family, which was the last ruling family of the German Empire (Until WWI). It is a really beautiful place, with a beatiful view over several towns surrounding the castle and with great company. I could not have asked for more!

On that very same day, after visiting the castle I returned to Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in a non-separable train, ready for another week at work, after a great weekend with great friends!

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    What a greatttttt weekend!!! <3

    Comment by Juliana created 23/04/2015 - 08:44

    A hell of a trip! Nice time with the best friends. #DeutschlandDuBistWunderbar

    Comment by Johny created 23/04/2015 - 08:51

    Hola! apenas estoy en la búsqueda de ir a estudiar a alemania, quisiera hablar con alguien que ya ha vivido o está viviendo la experiencia. Te dejo mi correo si me quieres ayudar con mis planes, charlar un poco. Gracias!

    Comment by ESTHEFANIA REYES created 03/08/2015 - 20:21

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