The Offenburg Christmas Market

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The Offenburg Christmas Market was located at the city center and was fairly small. There were stalls that sold food, Christmas decorations, winter clothes and accessories. The accessory stall that sold bags and purses caught my eye because I had spotted a really cute and exotic looking backpack which I immediately took to. The stall owner was a very friendly gentleman who spoke English and even gave me a 50cent discount off the bag – “for good luck” he said as he handed me the 50cent coin. 😊😊😊

Besides the stalls, there was a very beautiful fountain and display of lights.

This was not just my first Christmas in Germany, but it was actually my very first experience of Christmas at all. Even though in Beijing, the whole city is lit up in Christmas lights and every shopping mall and restaurant has one or more Christmas trees full of decorations – but that was pretty much it. I never bought presents or wrote cards because it just wasn’t a Chinese festival. But this year in Germany, I picked out presents for friends, and chose Christmas cards to write on, and what surprised me the most were the presents and cards that I received as well! Each one of those presents and cards made my day and mean a lot to me and I really appreciate the sweet people for taking the time and energy to prepare those lovely thoughtful presents.


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