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So in love with this little town — before I even knew and all of a sudden, from indifference to complete adoration. With a population of just 57 thousand and an area of 78km2, all I could see when I first arrived was its emptiness. Now I can find something beautiful every corner I turn✨. And the city just gets bigger and bigger with each day.


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A day out used to mean a day spent exploring some humongous shopping mall covered in glamorous, fictitious décor; now it’s riding through a breathtaking view made up of a patch of endless green sprinkled with nature’s very own aroma.

Offenburg is so full of greenery and lakes, and I have gotten so dangerously used to the bliss of uncrowned places.💚



A A A corner in Offenburg💙

I’m not as much a fan of the city center as I am of the outskirts. Those places are always lined up with picturesque houses, lovely and friendly people, trees and fields and finally topped off with a relaxing, slow pace.

A friend of my parents’ once said to me “To live in a big city, you have to first master living in a small city.” I can’t seem to get over how beautifully put this is💜. And I want to master that art before I head back to the metropolis that I came from.

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