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C&A and H&M – they have always been two of my favourite places to shop at. Not only do I like their designs but they are also easily affordable. In Beijing, there is bound to be an H&M store in every shopping mall. Whereas, C&A stores are less saturated, fortunately there was one near my home.

My first month was very much occupied by bureaucracies and trying to settle in, but in my second month I finally found the time and the mood to visit my favourite stores in Offenburg – and I struck gold! They made me feel right at home – cozy and warm. Shopping through the familiar designs and touches, lanes and clothing racks, I almost forgot I was in Offenburg. Except the Euro signs instead of RMB signs, everything was strikingly familiar – maybe a little smaller than the ones in Beijing – but still strikingly familiar.

#C&A #H&M #Shopping

#C&A #H&M #Sale #Shopping

And the best part? I could finally shop in the women’s section! Back home, girls were smaller and daintier, and had little feet. I had to always shop in the men’s section to find sizes that would fit me, yet that still made me happy, because the designs suited me nevertheless. Imagine my thrill, when here in the stores at Offenburg, I found plenty of wonderful stuff in the women’s section that came in sizes that were a perfect fit! Oh! I was happy 🙂 Not just the clothes, but the shoes too! Shoes that came in size 40 and 41! Finally!


Plastic bag

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One thing that I found interesting, but not surprising, is the fact that even in clothing stores, the customer had to pay for plastic bags. In Beijing, firstly, H&M and C&A, just like all the other clothing stores, use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Secondly, customers never have to pay for these.

I really enjoyed how friendly the shopping assistants were here. Shopping assistants back home were either too bored to smile, too vainly arrogant to smile or too tired to smile, and could usually be the single one thing in the way of a happy shopping experience. But the assistants here were at the right place in the right time and fortunate for me when I had to return a piece of clothing, I came across a super friendly assistant who could speak perfect English and dealt with it in the best possible way.

The shopaholic is happy.  o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

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