Munich Marathon, you in?

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If you fancy running you might already heard of Munich Marathon, of course. I can run a bit and I really want to pay a visit to München, so why not one stone at two birds 🙂 ? This post is going to share some experience of how to do a three-day trip for low budget with fun and some adventure! There are two strategies and some tips.

Strategy 1   Save transport cost & Take your own bike on roads

  • Why bike: Since my stay in München was only 3 days and I did hope to explore as much as possible in the Metropolitan, taking my bike with me is then more reasonable than buying Day Pass or any local transport tickets. I did not want to use my time only wait for U-Bahn in the underground!
  • Free Ride U-Bahn on Marathon Day: Another point is, on the day of the Marathon event, the whole city U-Bahn system is free for all the runners from early morning till the evening. It is indeed very convenient and considerate!
  • Prebook a place for your bike on bus: The fare of carrying my bike on the bus from Heidelberg to München was for 9 Euro per way. Usually bus can allow two bikes per route, so you must book it in advance.

Strategy 2  Couch-surfing  makes you local friends (it saves you money, by the way.) 

  • Why Couch-surfing (CS): Everyone should try this way of making local connection while stay, although this does not suit everyone’s every single trip. My first CS experience was actually this one when I went to München. In a international city such as München, you will absolutely find hospitable hosts who are eager to show you around the city. My host was originally a Spanish, but he’s obtained his PhD in Aachen some years ago and now working in Germany as a freelancer and Google developer and so on. He is such a energetic intelligent man! I am very glad to have wonderful time with his accompany at his place and his guide. Inter-cultural exchange is the spirit of CS, keep this in mind!
  • Do check various CS community+(please fill in any of German City) online!

Tips on Registration for München Marathon

  • Time 1: München Marathon takes place annually now in every October. The registration / payment starts one year ahead, and you can get immense discount when you are an early bird. I booked mine half year prior to the event and got a fairly good enroll fee (though I forgot how much was it)
  • Time 2: You will have to collect your race chip and number in München (they don’t sent them to you), so you have to be there at least one day before the Running Day. I cycled to get my stuff too, because they distribute everything in Olympic Auditorium, which is actually a bit far from the centre even by undergrounds.
  • Time 3 – Oktoberfest takes place just before the Marathon, so if you got enough time, you may also want to make this trip a bit longer to cover this authentic German festival. The day I arrived they were still busy cleaning the main area of the event.
  •  It can be chilly! Take enough clothes. It was much freezing than I expected in München’s October. I should have worn long sleeves and trousers instead of shorts, I was sweating and feeling too cold to run properly at a moment. At the finish line, the staff were giving us a piece of plastic sheet to help maintain our body temperature.

Some nice memories:

  • Beer at the finish line! For me this is really cool that the event encourage people to grab a bottle of beer just after running.
  • Brezel and Apfelstrudel and many more: Beside apples and bananas, this is just awesome—you got plenty of big-size Brezel and tarts to enjoy, see the photo!
  • The running route will end up in the initial 1972 Olympic Stadium, it also passes the city centre of Marienplatz
the start of 21km

the start of 21km

the cakes for runners!

the cakes for runners!

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