Moment 3: Challenges are healthy!

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Hi, beautiful people,

Since the new year, I have been extremely busy and try to settle down the boundary of my research thesis, at the same time, I spend time learning things that a few years ago I have never thought of, on which relies pretty quantitative and computer-centered approach. I enjoy a lot and really have a positive feeling that it is one of the seminars I participated in my master program gave me the motivation to try new methods and challenge myself more intellectually.

Let’s see what will time bring (Was die Zeit bringt) to me. I wish you all a wonderful week for more challenges and achievements, no matter what you aim for your intellectual growth, in Germany or anywhere else.

About the feature photo – my first snow jog in 2017 in Heidelberg, 8.1 km, -1 Celsus Degree, 45mins, uphill. That day was the first snow in the town too.

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    Thank you for this story to share. This will gave the motivation. Hence it is very interest to read.

    Comment by jenniferfhughes created 07/02/2017 - 09:31

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