May Tree “proclamation of love”

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Hi lovely people, finally long awaited spring has come in Cologne Germany. Climate is calm and cherry blossom are in full bloom! This time’s topic is related to the lovely spring in Germany.

Have you heard the german word “Maibaum”? It means “May tree” in English and it’s the way of traditional celebration for proclamation of Love..

On the first day of May, any young guy who likes another girl gets a tree and decorates it with colored ribbons. After that he attaches a red heart-shaped note with the name of the girl written on it and then puts this “Maibaum” on her house.

He then leaves it for a month.. If the girl likes him then she invites him for a date or introduces him to her family. As you can see, there are many Maibaum in the place I live. What a lovely tradition it is!

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