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CoffeeThere are some people whom you meet once and instantly like! In the evening, I met a super cute German girl, two years older than me, who studied in Frankfurt, stayed in Shanghai for about 6 months, and had been to Beijing as well. I think if I were German, that’s what I’d look like!

She told me these amazing stories about her life in Frankfurt as a social work major and how she feels about a metropolis like that, and they were strikingly similar to how I feel about Beijing which was so connecting and relieving, because only then I realized it wasn’t just Beijing, but behind the surface of every glamorous and sparkly metropolis, there is always a not so glamorous reality where the underprivileged live, and the contrast is never so clear and that can be a really sad thing to witness and to know.

In that warmly decorated living room, she continued to tell me stories about her time in Shanghai which I couldn’t get enough of. Despite being a Chinese national, I spent most of my life in Beijing, and thinking about it now, that I had never visited Shanghai even once is just kind of funny.


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A bit later, we went to pick her twin sister up for grocery shopping! We were going to make pizza! We drove to a supermarket, and I don’t know if it was the whole lovely atmosphere, or if it really was the supermarket, but I thought it was decorated in a very Chinese style, very different from ‘Aldi’ and the other ones I had been to in Offenburg, which made me feel happy. We picked up vegetables, meat, dough, sauce and drinks. Laura wanted to make brownies for dessert, so she picked up chocolate, butter and milk.


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I don’t remember ever cooking anything with friends before – it might have had something to do with the fact that none of us could really find our way around this art – so this was well the first time! And it was lots of fun! The twin sisters knew exactly what they were doing, so they told me what to do – and I helped cut up the mushrooms, and spread them on the dough along with tomato sauce, corn and cheese. Lena put the pizza into the oven, while Laura was working on her brownies which smelt great! In the mean time, Mr. Nieter would pop in and out telling me about German holidays and saying something really funny here and there. They say Germans don’t have a sense of humour, but I have to say Mr. Nieter has got an amazing sense of humour!

In no time, our pizza and brownies were ready, and both tasted wonderful!😋

To happy weekend day 1 ! ❤

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    This is my very first time visiting your site and I am very interested. Thanks for sharing and keep up

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      Hi! My pleasure and thank you for the kind comment. 🙂

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