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Hello Everyone ,

Hope you all are good . Its been long since I wrote , and I thought its time for me to give you some valuable information about something we all look forward to i.e Jobs . Even when i was applying for the universities , one question always lingered in my mind , which is , will i get a job after my studies or i have to come back without anything . How is the job scenario in Germany . Do they prefer International students or not . Will language be a barrier  and many more unanswered question .

Today its been more than six months in Germany and i can say i am confident as atleast  , I know now what it takes to get a job in Germany . From attending conferences to job fairs to interacting with seniors , i have got pretty good idea as how things are currently in Germany and so i will list down few important things for me to resolve few of your queries .

  • Most important thing , there are jobs . There is no scarcity or dearth of jobs , there are plenty but the question is whether you prepare yourself for the job or not while studying in Germany . It doesn’t matter what you have done till now . After you come here , interact with your seniors and ask them what particulars things companies ask for and learn that during your studies . You still have lot of time .
  • Attend job fairs and conferences hosted by industries and universities . At that time you will get to interact with the companies and you can ask them directly as what specific qualities they usually look for in a candidate . Make some contact . Its really helpful , believe me .
  • If you search on google , many people have written that jobs are not offered for international students . This is totally incorrect . When someone doesn’t get a job , they usually find some reason to blame someone . I will also write down the reasons why people don’t get jobs .
  • Germans are very particular about how you put forward your application . If you don’t fulfill the requirements , don’t apply . You will anyway get a rejection , its the same like while applying for Universities . When applying , one has to take care about what they have asked for in job advertisement and do you have what they are asking.
  • German language , every international student thinks its an arduous task to learn German and many people consider not to learn it to an extent where they are comfortable with it .  I would say , its not compulsory to learn so much German and its one priority to what they want to do . But , I have seen people who can speak good German getting jobs and internship faster than one who are not . You can get a job even without German language skills but i suggest there is no harm in learning it . So , don’t limit your options .
  • I tell you , I interacted with a company and they said ‘ Learn German , programming languages we will teach you ‘ . So , i guess whether German language is important or not .
  • Coming on to Universities and courses . Universities won’t matter much and so will your grade . What matters is what have you studied and what projects have you done during your studies or any prior job experience if you have . So , do choose your course wisely before coming here .

I hope you have got some fair idea about how things are currently in Germany . Don’t worry too much about getting a job before coming here . When you come here, just make sure you make yourself into an asset . Learn new things and improve yourself everyday .

If you have anymore doubts , you can always contact me on fb and of course you can comment here . Good Luck !

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Hello Sir,
I want to know something from regarding studying in Germany. Kindly revert back.

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Hi Debasmita,

General information on studying in Germany and higher education here you’ll find on our website! There is a really handy guide on how to study in Germany in 10 steps:

Best wishes,
Your Study in Germany-Team

Comment by Redaktion created 21/04/2017 - 08:50

please sir,about the scholarship for BnSc Nursing in Germany is it real?

Comment by Adewale created 22/04/2017 - 08:45

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