Have you ever taken part in a full marathon race?

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If your answer is no, this article is exactly what suits you! It was the first time for me taking part in a full marathon race in Köln Germany on the last year’s October. Since then, I’ve been captivated by full marathon races because it’s great to know the venues through running.

On the last weekend, I went to Malta Island which is located close to Italy, to take part in a full marathon race again. In the arms of beautiful blue sky and ocean, I made it 4hours and 30 min. (This is my best record!) I will never forget a lady cheering roots for me “Your smile is champions!”

By the way, can you imagine how runner’s feeling and body conditions are changed during full marathon, 42.195km? I made a marathon magazine about the topic on a typography and layout project at my design university in Köln.  On the next blog, I’ll introduce you the magazine and the project!

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