Germany’s Largest Theme Park

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I think it was during my first few weeks in Germany, during my orientation weekend train ride, out of the window, I saw people getting onto a Europa-Park bus, and it has been on my bucket list since. I finally made that trip with a group of wonderful friends and crossed that one off my list. It was one of the funniest days I’ve ever had. Everytime I think about how anxious we were getting on a ride, I laugh. I think that was the cutest I’ve ever seen my friends be.😂

Europa-Park is Germany’s largest theme park and is located in Rust, a town in Baden-Württemberg. Writing that it was absolutely beautiful would just be stating the obvious.

We rode on some crazy rides but I only remember the name of one – “Silver Star” – a hyper coaster with a height of 73m – because it was the first roller coaster we sat on.🎢 When I got onto it, I thought we had gotten into a small warm up ride, until seconds before the ride was going to go down, that friend sitting beside me finally decided to utter the words “This is one of the tallest roller coasters in Europa Park”. But it turned out to be so much fun because it was so scary! And I’ve never before dared to try something that scary.


I enjoyed the rides a lot, but what I enjoyed more than that, was the “preface” before every single ride – OMG they were hilarious! The expressions and the things my friends were blurting out till the rides went down and all that funny blurting turned into screams, and when the screams got too much, they just changed to laughter🎡

Because we had kind of a problem locating the bus stop when leaving the park, I suggest everyone ask the employees for directions if you aren’t sure. It’ll save you a lot of time😉😉


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