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After a hectic couple of months without any real vacation or break one does tend to get burnt out and giggle a tad bit less..but all that changed this weekend when I took a very fun and adventurous trip to a small village called Frotheim in northern Germany.  Each year a family in Frotheim hosts a music festival in their backyard and I am fortunate to be a close friend of one of the family members.  So we got invited to come stay at their large and spacious estate and be part of the festivities.

I really didn’t think I would make it since its 6hrs one way by bus BUT it was time to defeat the aches and pains and show I still have what it takes. So, here I am ready with my back pack and sleeping bag prepared to have a face off with a doomed bus ride (I packed food dont worry). I embarked on my journey with a dear friend and off we were, giggling and sharing stories and making fun of our German and English skills.

Did you know a starfish is called a “Seestern” in German. I didn’t and unfortunately for my German friend who translated it as “sea star” and pronounced it ‘seeeeestaaaa’ it was reason enough for me and the neighbouring people on the bus to be in FIT of giggles because God knows we are not rappers and don’t know what a seeeeesta is!

Anyhow back to the bus journey – it was torture..long and painful..somewhere in the boonies or as Germans says “ärsche der welt” but we made it out alive… and upon arriving at the estate I was left speechless.. it was a stunning large beautiful house with fields of gold stretched in front of walls.. NOTHING.. it was breathtaking..

The father/head of the household was a charming and super friendly man whose hospitality preceeded him, he showed us around the whole area, the house, the backyard where we were camping (my first time) the big field where the Open Air would take place and last but not the least the barn which was currently the youngster hangout place all complete with ping pong table and kicker… it was like being in an old school teen movie..

The first evening was great, the host family put together a long table and filled it with food and we all ate in great company and giggled endlessly..followed by a tour of the endless attic, setting up camp in the backyard and then all the youngsters gathered in the barn and chilled and played games till late at night.  I also managed to play runaround ping pong and it was insanely fun and crazy!!   My first time sleeping in a tent was thankfully NOT eventful, my friends made sure I got a comfortable mattress and prepared me for what to expect – but I was just so tired I passed out.

The next day the house was bustling and busy preparing for the event which you can find online “Frotheim Open Air” or ( The festival was a raging success, immaculately organised and thoroughly supported by a brilliant went on from 3pm till 2am.. with brilliant…amazing people and lots of dancing.  Since it was a village event a lot of people already knew each other so it was a very comfortable setting.  There were many bands/singers performing and it was a treat to experience it all, but my favourite band has to be one called “Mondo mashup sound system” which consisted of an assortment of instruments and characters, each unique and talented and the whole performance was just so much fun I don’t think we stopped jumping even for a second!!

Sunday breakfast was a a vision – about 30 people on a long table just filled with amazing food endless chatter, jokes and laughter…for a moment I forgot where I was and just felt like I was back home..with my family and my was pretty surreal..  later we all went for a group walk through the moor and forest and then it was time to head back to reality AKA 6 hr bus ride back home..

The weekend flew by way too fast and I wish I didn’t have to leave, thank you Frotheim, the organisers of the Open Air and family R for such a memorable time!!

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