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I’ve been to Freiburg twice – the first time to have Pakistani food, the second time to watch the Avengers: Infinity War movie. The first time I went, the weather was crazy hot☀; the second time, it was crazy cold❄.

Freiburg is a city in southwest Germany’s Black Forest. I really liked The University of Freiburg a lot. It was beautiful and had a really nice feel to it, and the library was lovely.

The street in which the Pakistani restaurant was located was super pretty too! I liked the architecture of the apartments in that lane – especially the balconies. The restaurant was easily the best place I’ve eaten at so far. The food was a 5 out of 5 and served my craving well.


#Freiburg #AsianCuisine #★★★★

Because it was a Sunday, none of the shops were open. But the second time I went was a Monday – and everything was open. But we seemed to have spent too much time looking for a restaurant and then eating, so we didn’t have a lot of time to explore the stores. The food was again great — and fun too, because we could choose whatever we wanted and add it to a bowl which the chef would later cook in front of us.


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The movie, my friends found it amazing, for me, it was not bad, but I didn’t seem to reach the point where I could understand why they had such incredibly high compliments for it.

We took the last train back, and because we were with that friend who loves photos, we spend the time at the platform posing for his camera and the end-product was lovely! The train back was pretty much empty.💺

Another great day with cute people💚💛💜


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