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Frankfurt! About time!

Having spent a large part of my life in a metropolis like Beijing, at some point, I had gotten very tired of the fast-pace of life, the unfriendly pedestrians who are always on a clock and the glass skyscrapers everywhere I look. So I found the slow-pace of life and absence of any kind of tall buildings in Offenburg a pleasant change. But two months in this fairly small and quiet city, I started to miss the vibe of a bigger city and needed to see a skyscraper desperately. I guess the metropolitan life style is probably in my blood after all.

This craving came at a fortunate time because Ms. Nieter had planned to take me to Frankfurt, the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest in Germany.


#RoadTrip #EnteringFrankfurt

After a wonderful first day of the weekend, I woke up to a fun-filled second day. Ms. Nieter had prepared a warm breakfast and afterwards, her daughters and I hoped into her car ready to head towards the city. How can I describe this feeling of entering Frankfurt – it was so obvious – I could instantly see the skyline; the architecture; the set up; and the crowd – and my excitement was bubbling.

“Don’t be too excited. You might be disappointed coming from Beijing,” Lena said from the back seat.

And I laughed, “I’m not coming from Beijing. I’m coming from Offenburg.”😳


#ShoppingMall #MyZeil

After taking a couple of rounds around the place, we parked the car and got off. I can’t say the weather that day was warm, but it wasn’t too cold either. Oh! The crowd! Somehow I always thought that kind of a crowd was a China thing and no where else in the world had one like it, but here I was all the way in Germany, and I don’t know if I had been away from Beijing for too long, or what, but I felt like even Beijing didn’t have a crowd like what I was seeing in Frankfurt. It was impossible to walk straight, zigzagging was the pattern if you didn’t want to bump into anyone. We entered a shopping mall called MyZeil, and I think at that moment, I realized how unfair it was of me to have ever compared Offenburg to Beijing, or to say I have been to Germany when I had only ever been to Offenburg.


      #ChineseRestaurant #点心王

It was so easy to spot a Chinese store, a Chinese restaurant or a banner with Chinese words. And a lot of Chinese pedestrians and shop assistants – I could have easily forgotten I was in Germany.

What I like about Frankfurt is it’s combination of new and old architecture. I think it’s amazing how the two merge together to form this lovely city.

Eiserner Steg

Eiserner Steg

I had always seen a bridge with locks in movies or in other peoples’ photos, but that day I had finally seen one with my own eyes and it was gorgeous! I would love to return to this city sometime again.

In the evening, after visiting an art gallery and buying souvenirs, we were on our way back to Wersau. During this time we encountered what I had not experienced for a very long time – a traffic jam. Even that felt good :’)

I think something that I really learnt today is that I can’t say I’ve been to a country unless I have been to a reasonable number of its cities; and Germany is so much more than Offenburg and its quiet and extremely slow pace of life; and there are bustling cities out there with so much energy with people from all over the world living and working together in what seemed to me like perfect harmony.💞

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