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I love trying new food. One of the first few foreign cuisine restaurants that I went to in Germany was a Greek restaurant in Offenburg.


#GreekRestaurant #Offenburg

It was a neatly and beautifully decorated restaurant with a wonderful owner. Ofcourse, the menu was entirely in German but the owner offered to personally do the translation. It was definitely the first time I tried Tzatziki and it tasted great!

I also tried out Thai food at a Thai restaurant in Frankfurt with the Nieter family. The menu was entirely in German, but the take-away menu was in German, English and Chinese. As for me, I’m not too good at differentiating Thai food from Chinese food.

#ThaiFood #Frankfurt

       #ThaiFood #Frankfurt

They seem similar to me, so it felt great to finally have something ‘Asian’ after so long and it was pleasing to hear conversations in the background that happened in English – it was one of those moments that felt like home. The food was great, as with all the restaurants that Ms.Nieter picks out. At the end of the meal, we got fortune cookies and I was absolutely surprised upon opening mine because I saw inside it exactly what I needed to see:


A piece of paper that read “Don’t worry about your future.

#MongolianRestaurant #Darmstadt

#MongolianRestaurant #Darmstadt

One restaurant that impressed me the most was a Mongolian restaurant in Darmstadt because the décor and the food were strikingly similar to that of a local Chinese restaurant. Even the name of the restaurant was in Chinese! This restaurant had a menu option and also a buffet. It was also Ms.Nieter’s choice and once again proved to be a fabulous pick. The buffet style was so similar to the buffets that I always go to in Beijing, it made me feel so comfy. My fortune cookie from this restaurant read “Everyone smiles in the same language”. Not quite as personalized, but it was a sweet and lovely thing to read and quite true even.


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